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"How do I explain to grandchildren empathetically and sympathetically what it means that grandpa or grandma have dementia? And preferably as a story, with an exciting travel adventure. Well Julissa Cruz did a fantastic job! It is a journey through the brain. Throughout those areas of the brain that are severely affected in dementia. This allows you to understand why something like memory loss occurs in dementia. And what people with dementia especially need. Like understanding, empathy and love. Lots of love.


The story is a "pagerunner". The main characters are angels of grandchildren, with cats and dogs. You read it at once. Because it is written with great love for grandchildren and grandparents. And for enthusiasts, dementia is covered in more detail in the second part of the book. It is precisely this combination that makes it unique. Highly recommended! "


Prof. Erik Scherder, professor of Clinical Neuropsychology

“In this accessible Latin American adventure book, children and parents are involved in what happens in the brain when grandma has dementia. It is special because it not only explains what the problem is, but also how to enjoy happy moments together. "

Prof. Dr. Wilco Achterberg, professor of Geriatric Medicine

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"Julissa Cruz expresses in a pleasant, simple and understandable way how difficult it is for children, grandchildren, to understand what happens to their grandparents who are losing their memory. Without letting those grandchildren grow up with the strange feeling of having a grandfather or grandmother, who does not understand them, who does not know them and who behaves strangely. This greatly affects this important relationship!

Julissa uses animals (cats, dogs), makes them 'smart' and therefore friendly to those children to understand what goes on in their grandparents' brains. Extraordinary in my opinion! She takes them anatomically to the affected brain parts with ease and makes them see the happy moments lived there! The kids learn a lot from it!

Then comes a deeper journey through the cerebral cortex, this is developed in Chapter VII. Here things get darker, more complicated, but this is counteracted by the appearance of other pets who know the grandparents and this establishes a "duel" between pets and that is transferred to the grandchildren. Excellent!!! In Chapter VIII I understand that the children learn! And they understand that love and "playing along" with their grandparents gives them a better benefit.

The book proceeds to educate caregivers and family members on how to manage and deal with the disease. It gives a parental guide on how to deal with the situation at different stages of life.

Anyway, I think it is a valuable piece to have in our libraries and to read it as many times as possible. "


Dr. Daysi Acosta, Neuro, Geriatric and Forensic Psychiatry

"I just read a much-needed book. A book for children that includes the whole family: little, medium and large. A book that answers difficult questions and does it in an entertaining, friendly and accurate way. I'm talking about the book: Why does Granny forget things? A trip to the brain!, written by Julissa Cruz and illustrated by Gustavo Desimone.


Using simple, everyday language and lively dialogues, and accompanied by happy and funny illustrations, this book invites readers to want to know more as they follow the thread of a witty story. It reads like an adventure, and in the process we understand, in scientific terms, what goes on in the brain of a person suffering from dementia and what we can do to alleviate this.


And, as if all this were not enough, in the last pages it offers very useful and valuable information for parents and teachers.


Hopefully you can read it. I recommend it."

Georgina Lázaro, Writer and Poet

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